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Christine Pritchard

32 Nowra Road Currarong

For over 40 years in Currarong, Christine Pritchard has been experimenting with multiple mediums… pencil, acrylic, ink, oil, watercolour, pastel, resin, clay, crystals and found objects. Describing herself as “somewhat of a mad scientist”, she particularly loves seeing what these mediums will do when used for an unintended purpose. For the past five years, Christine has worked with resin. “It’s the perfect medium for atmospheric art… it’s unpredictable and uncontrollable; it forces me to work extremely quickly…. and the result is often totally unexpected, which is both frustrating and liberating.” Christine is currently working on mixed media paintings, functional home décor and handmade and painted clay earrings… all inspired by the spirit of our beautiful local environment.

Artist photo
Christine Pritchard

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