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Gemma Deavin (Big Sky Art)

15 Merimbula Street Currarong

Gemma has been enthralled by and drawn to the patterns, textures, shapes and lines in nature from a young age. Fast forward to the point in her life when she was working for the ABC in Longreach, she fell in love with 'Big Sky Country’, and the simple beauty of the expansive world around her – hence the name ‘Big Sky Art’. She is a journalist and producer by trade, having worked in online, radio and television current affairs for the ABC in Western QLD, Far North QLD and most recently, back in Sydney. But she is happiest with a camera in hand, and outside - ideally by the sea and in the bush, in Currarong! She finds a clarity and calmness in nature. In capturing the unexpected abstract beauty in the natural world, and bringing the ‘outside’ ‘in’, she hopes her works imbue a sense of calm, and some of that "good-for-the-soul" magic, wherever they hang.

Artist photo
Gemma Deavin (Big Sky Art)
Intertidal Winter Hues

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