Studio 6OPEN

Gerald Buckley

37 Piscator Ave Currarong

Gerald Buckley began working with glass in the 1980s, initially exploring lead lighting and copper foiling before discovering the unique properties of glass when subjected to high temperatures in a kiln. Currarong’s land and seascape, its flora, fauna and ever-changing colour and light are all reflected in Gerald’s superb kiln formed and flame worked glass. “I work with glass in sheet form, usually cutting it to fit a vessel design and with frit form – a process using glass, crushed to a sugar grain size, then layered, moulded and fused in a kiln, before being cooled and worked to remove any sharp edges. I then place the glass on a mold and return it to the kiln for the slumping process, which creates the final form.”

Artist photo
Gerald Buckley

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