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Jack Middleton

22 Beecroft Parade Currarong

Jack Middleton was introduced to making pots via a short course at Sturt Gallery, and to pottery when living in Mittagong some 25 years ago. When he moved to Currarong nine years ago, Jack joined the Shoalhaven Potters and resumed his involvement with clay. Since then, he has enjoyed attending a weekly workshop at Pyree, where he has learned about, and experimented with, glazes and different methods of firing. He has also been active on the Potters’ committee. “My work is all on the wheel and my main interest is in glazing. Although I now have my own backyard studio with a wheel, my firing is done at Pyree. All my work – principally bowls and vases – are stamped 'jackpot'.”

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Jack Middleton

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